Sarah Schrof

Colour, material, process – three elements that form the fundament of my work as textile artist.

In addition, my focus is on disassembling and linking individual fragments, creating tensions and experimental work methods. In a dialogue between emotion and innovation, human and machine, tradition and technology, textile objects and installations are created that give an emotional response to nature, reflecting my need to create a textile equivalent in art.

My work is influenced by my origin as a master tailor and an interdisciplinary-iterative approach, which I acquired at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In a self-developed knitting and yarn dyeing process, I create recurring colour moods that organically grow in controlled coincidence

I want to trace the infinity at the horizon line, in order to understand the inexplicable in nature by giving it a form. To do that, I use a modern abstract visual vocabulary and organic-synaesthetic abstractions, that try to feel colours. Just like the transition zones from water to shore and from sky to earth, the vividness in the colours – which can be constantly studied in light and shadow – is the inexhaustible and central inspiration of my work.


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Vogelsangstr. 57
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Vogelsangstr. 57
D-70197 Stuttgart

Appointments by arrangement

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