Merino Scarf
Full Rib
143 x 35cm

Knit Ikat
Handdyed Yarn
Finely knitted from 100% Italian Wool

Wrap yourself in comfort with a soft, handknitted Merino Scarf.
Utilising merino wool’s natural performance of providing soft, lightweight insulation, this scarf can be worn next to skin, to keep you warm and dry.

Hand dyeing gives each scarf its unique, lively and individual character.
Shades of colour are carefully selected and combined in fine nuances to achieve the desired colour mood.
This Technique produces horizontally blurred patterns after space-dyed yarns have been knitted.

This scarf has been dyed by hand, creating a unique pattern that cannot be reproduced. The handcrafted production creates irregularities which make each piece unique. To preserve the uniqueness and beauty of your textile accessory, treat this piece gently,  that colours and shape will remain for a long time. To clean it, you can take it to the dry cleaner.


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