spray-painted longsleeves

A limited edition of formfitting soft 100% cotton with handdyed merinowool babylock finished seams thoughout.
Spray painted color spots merge into a blurred play of light and shadow, shape and body, condensations and gradients.


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atmospheric dust

limited edition, 2020

Burlesque artist “Violetta Poison” performs the edition “atmospheric dust”.

Spray-painted colours cover the body and give feminine insights.

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hand dyed rib longsleeves

The horizon is the line that separates sky from earth.
Natural and harmonious color gradients develop by the hand-dyed merino wool thread used as base material.
The resulting textile painting is framed by the form fitted longsleeve.

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hand dyed rib beanies

The rib knit beanie hat is made of hand dyed cashmere merino wool yarn.
It is hand dyed at atelier editru and 3D knitted in a family business in Southern Germany.

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Light of colour studies translated into an edition of silk foulards over a shiny and organic structure.

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same same but different

limited edition, 2020
A collection of hand dyed unisex sweaters
Since almost everything in our world is manufactured industrially and in huge quantities – replication, material shortage and cost are no longer problems. However, this makes it more difficult for the individual to differentiate. People make themselves the “same” : in feeling, thinking, views, attitude and appearance.

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A form of the dress, which allows more space for elegant movement and picturesque optics.

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merino scarves

Colorful, warming and brightening.
Get through the winter with the hand dyed scarf made of 100% merino wool.

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Designed using traditional methods and references from cultures of the past. This edition shows the diversity of handcrafted textile production methods resulting in a series of unique individual looks.

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