It all started in 2016 with a knitting machine, passion for colour and a background in tailoring.

Today, the label editru stands for unique chromatic hand crafted textiles, made for naturally confident people who love colour and want a sense of ease in their clothes.

My interpretation of modern-day craftsmanship results in carefully manufactured one-of-a-kind pieces of timeless elegance and stimulates a continuous innovation in the dyeing of textiles.

The use of personally selected natural materials like merino wool, silk, French dyes and finest Italian yarn, guarantee sustainable pieces of ethical luxury.

On the knitting machine, the hand dyed thread is then turned into a unique pleasant fabric that appears like a textile painting.
Hand dyeing gives each editru garment its unique, lively and individual character.

Shades of colour are carefully selected and combined in fine nuances to achieve the desired colour mood.

Traditional techniques of silk refinement such as „Shibori-Itajime“ and „Suminagashi Marbling“, pair up as well with contemporary digital processing, as with „Knit-Ikat“.

This technique produces horizontally blurred patterns after space-dyed yarns have been knitted. A textile produced in this way seems as if the colours merge into one another.

The amalgamation of these techniques results in a distinctive aesthetic of colour and patterns — the heart of editru.


After she has learned the tailoring craftsmanship, Sarah Schrof first worked at the Staatstheater Stuttgart.

At the Kunstakademie Stuttgart she studied Textile Design, surrounded by painters, sculptors and designers. During this time she experimented extensively with textile dyeing and knitting techniques.

Thereupon she founded editru – her own label for unique hand dyed pieces. In 2017 Sarah opened her own atelier with showroom in Stuttgart and was nominated for the German Design Award 2018.

Sarah draws inspiration from multicultural traditional methods in the manufacture of garments.

These blend with her enthusiasm for colour and contemporary design to create unique pieces that tell of mood, form and textile.

All of Sarah’s pieces are handmade in Germany, in accordance with her belief in craftsmanship over trend.

A strong sensitivity to colours – to their rhythm and sound – enables the creation of beautiful garments that let the colours do the talking.

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